Creating a Landscape that Looks Great Year-Round Part I: Through the Eyes of an Artist...

Each season brings with it its own unique type of beauty. Regardless of the time of year, you want your landscape to look gorgeous, interesting, and welcoming. The team at Anderson Landscape Construction in Sterling has the experience to make your garden look marvelous all year long.

Just as in spring, when flowers speak of the joy and freshness of the season, the structural beauty of deciduous trees during the fall and winter gives you that longed-for splash of green life to cheer you up when everything else is looking dingy, dead, and grey. Get the most out of broad leaves in summer and bring out the true colors in fall by hiring Andersen to implement intelligent horticulture techniques and design strategies. We can implement for you a successive planting arrangement, so that carefully selected and placed plants all around your home bring out the important elements of each season for you. Leverage our expertise to empower your personal landscaping vision,and get something that suits your aesthetic and regional climate to the highest degree. You don’t want to have a stagnant yard that only looks interesting in one or two seasons. Hire our team to upgrade your yard into a place of artistic shapes and movement unfolding and developing in new, fascinating ways throughout all four seasons!

Seeing Your Landscape Through the Eyes of an Artist

Hiring a landscape designer means more than just hiring someone capable of optimizing your landscape from a horticultural perspective. When you hire Anderson, you get a team of landscapers, project managers, and more who will be able to perceive the bigger picture as well.

The Big Picture

The first thing you’re going to want to do when considering a new landscape design that works better for all seasons is to look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself:

  • How does my yard currently flow? How is it designed to be moved through?

  • Where is it bare?

  • Where is it too busy?

  • Do the bushes and trees stand out or do they blend together well?

  • What first draws the eye?

  • Would you rather have a uniform design with straight lines, or something more reminiscent of the looser, more flowing state of the natural environment?

  • What kind of layout do you think would best suit your needs and aesthetic?

  • How dense would you like the foliage to be?

  • And so on...

Consider How Much Space You Have

One crucial factor in what is the best landscape design solution for your yard is to start with the basics. One key consideration is how much space you have available. It takes a bit of imagination and research to know what will be best to plant, as, for example, you don’t want to plant a tree that in ten years will be far too large for the space it was designated to take up. Some spaces call for slender, column-like forms, while others are more suitable for rounded, robust shapes.


Color from the perspective of the artist is more than just a matter of categorization. The artist focuses more on the various shades and tones of color, and how they all go together in an aesthetically interesting way. For example, there are many shades of green to be found in the natural environment. Some trees can have leaves or needles that are more a yellow-green, while others are closer to blue, purple, black, or chartreuse. Understanding and implementing a color scheme in your landscape design that brings out the beauty of different features through contracting or complementary colors is not something everyone is born with. It takes experience and an artist’s eye to understand how to find the perfect color palette to any given yard. Of course, there’s no need to be snobby about any of this. If you’re doing your own planting, do what pleases you most (though do keep in mind issues like sizing and keeping things flowing together, to avoid giving yourself a headache having to uproot some oversized spruce some years in the future).


Another artistic technique that our landscape designers at Anderson Landscape Construction in Sterling take account of when planning and creating your new landscape is texture. It seems minor, but it makes a difference. A shiny holly leaf next to some matte evergreen needles may appeal to you, or it may not. That’s why we consult with you before we even begin designing anything and also make sure to get your approval before we start landscaping.

Rely on A Horticulturalist to Create Your Four-Season Landscape

Crucial to creating a landscape that stays interesting and keeps transforming in fascinating ways all year round is to hire the help of an experienced horticulturist. A horticularialist will be able to bring their scientific understanding of plants to bear on your creative vision to create a landscape that is designed with the utmost finesse and style. If you want to speak with a horticulturalist to discuss what would be best for your particular landscape, contact Anderson Landscape Construction in Sterling today!

When designing a landscape that stays interesting in all seasons, one important aspect is to select trees and shrubs that work well together. You want it so that once one is done putting on a show, with flowers, color, etc., another one is there right away to pick up the slack and present a new variation on the artistic theme of your landscape. You can do this on your own by researching the different types of plants that put on a show at different times of the year, focusing on native species to your region that are reliable growers and suitable to your particular environment. However, devising such a plan can be a lot of work. If you want to make a daunting task into something easy and enjoyable, it might be a good idea to call a professional landscape designer with decades of horticulture experience, like Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation in Sterling. Don’t let your yard be ill-designed, such that there is a wide-array of high-performing plants in the spring and summer, only for the fall and winter to be totally devoid of anything interesting happening in your landscape. Distribute the beauty and artistry of your landscape throughout the entire year by hiring our experienced landscape designers and horticultural experts today and discussing a strategy for making your creative vision for your landscape a reality today!

In part II of this article series, we will look at some ideas that you can start implementing in your landscape for each season. Read Part II here!