Planning Early Leads to Playing Early

The summer season fades into the rearview mirror and with the reality of living through COVID-19, it has been an extremely challenging year for all of us. With fall and winter weather looming, this represents the perfect time to start thinking about Spring 2021 and the hope for a successful vaccine rollout, the end of the pandemic and a return to normal pre-pandemic days! Realistically, this will unfold by mid- end next year and with this, the reality that spending more time at home will nudge homeowners to think about expanding their outdoor living options.

Capacity for Firms like ours is always tested at the start of a season, but now this is even more the case and we cannot advise enough that NOW is the ideal time to start planning your outdoor expansion project for implementation next season. Winter is the ideal time to start sweating the details and then springboard to the installation next spring, maximizing your use and enjoyment for a full season.

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