Epicurian Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Remember when an outdoor kitchen consisted of a grill, lighter fluid and a bag of charcoal? Times have certainly changed and today's outdoor kitchens are planned and designed with the same precision and detail as the indoor kitchens in your home.

Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation serves the greater Boston area specializing in extending outdoor environments. Many of our projects incorporate outdoor kitchens as part of the design brief. Following are some of the most popular and emerging trends in outdoor kitchen design available for gourmet meal creation outdoors.

Bon Appetit.

* FUNCTIONAL ZONE- creating a functional zone with traffic flow patters, adequate counter space, storage space and table and seating space.

* MATERIAL SELECTION- selecting materials wisely taking into account prevailing climate conditions, aesthetics and durability.

* APPLIANCE CHOICES- there is an ever expanding choice of appliance types, multiple fuel options and accessories to rival a Michelin Star restaurant.

* GOING UNDERCOVER- evolving from an umbrella to more sophisticated roof structures ensures extended use, protection from the elements as well as angry birds!

* THE WHOLE DEAL- we now look way past appliances, dining and casual furniture, ceiling fans, heaters and more. We also look at outdoor entertainment systems, TV Projection, mood and accent lighting and decor accessories.

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