Our elite team of masonry artisans never cease to amaze our clients with their creative artistry & painstaking attention to detail when it comes to installing natural stone features as part of an outdoor expansion project.

Form and function blend into oneness with natural settings and...


Yesterday, we gave appreciation to our amazing team members with a day of food, fun and collegiality.

A beautiful day it was, filled with a host of fun outdoor activities recognizing the multifarious talents our team members bring to each and every project we undertake. Giving thanks,...

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Creating that stairway to heaven is what we do at Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation. Our team's creative juices flow at the opportunity of working with you on your outdoor expansion project. We invite you to collaborate with us in creating and implementing that one...


Now is the time to start planning your dream outdoor expansion project for use and enjoyment next season.

The limited supply of raw materials and the paucity of skilled artisans are two good reasons to get off the fence and initiate your 2022 outdoor expansion project now. We have been...

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Ever wondered how to capture your outdoor expansion dream and transform it into reality?

Come to us to help you move this ideation concept to a real-world, real-time living experience. Our talented team of professionals have transformed multiple projects from concept to reality over the...


In the wake of massive unrest and in an attempt to repair ties with American workers, Congress passed an act making Labor Day a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories and it was signed into law on June 28th, 1894 by President Grover Cleveland.

Today, Labor Day in...

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The aftermath of tropical storm Henri has left the result of choppy ocean's today and tomorrow, so we wanted to share a picture of a recent project where we built an ocean wall along the shores of the Atlantic at a residence in Marblehead, MA.

If you are looking to have absolute...


Our expert masonry crew once again exhibits exquisite stone artistry on a project underway in Melrose.

A stone patio encapsulated by beautiful seating walls with caps exemplifies what we do best- connecting our clients with their natural elements and expanding your outdoor environment...


Nature never ceases to amaze the senses, is that not true?

The beauty of nature was in full view this morning when we arrived at our office with a profusion of color, aroma and visual elegance.

Let us create a slice of natural heaven in your backyard and satisfy your appetite for all...


We are now heading into the final stretch of summer and before we know it, colder climes will be heading our way- please say this is not true!

This has been a strange summer indeed and in the Northeast we have had few consecutive consistent weather days, so the precious time outdoors has...

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There is no better way to celebrate the warm days of summer than to entertain outdoors with Family and Friends with your outdoor kitchen grilling setup.

We design and install that perfect outdoor grilling station and integrate it to compliment your outdoor environment by expanding your use...

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Why not expand your outdoor environment and create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space?

Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticultural Preservation is your single source destination for planning and building your ideal creative and functional entertaining space under the sun and...


The prophetic words of Gershwin ring true as we are in the midst of our 2021 summer stretch.

What better way to enjoy the long days of summer than to spend it with friends and family outdoors at one with the natural elements. Let our professional experts create a one of a kind outdoor...

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Your dreams and inspirations are just one visit away from reality.

Let our talented team of designers, masonry artisans and horticulturists create a one of a kind masterpiece on your property and expand your outdoor living experience.

Contact us at 978 422 6500 or on our website to...


How do you blend these two competing interests of mother nature with an understanding of human nature in the landscaping industry?

Typically, an understanding of the site you are working with will lead the way. No matter the size or the conditions, let the site dictate the way forward....


Our dedicated horticulturists are at your service providing fine gardening care, year-long individualized all season programs and landscape design & installations.

We have an award winning team of highly trained professionals who will make your property a standout in the...


Why not expand your outdoor environment and create the ultimate entertaining destination space?

Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation is your single source destination for planning and building your ideal creative and functional entertaining space under the sun and...

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Two of the areas that we here at Anderson Landscape Construction in Sterling are most proud of are our masonry work and hardscaping. Our past work testifies to our commitment to excellence. If you are wanting to transform your property into a...

How to Get a Unique, Eco-Friendly Outdoor Living Environment featured image.jpg

Thinking about designing your outdoor living space to be more unique, eco-friendly, and welcoming? Gardening and landscaping services can help, but if you want to ensure that your property is beautiful, comfortable, and all-around wonderful for years to come, you will need more than just surface...

The Art of Preserving & Conserving Legacy Landscapes featured image.jpg

Few places in the United States are as rich, diverse, and historic as New England. Since the first European set foot in this New World, the landscape has transformed dramatically. What once was a land covered primarily in old growth forest has now become a younger landscape that is designed to...

The Advantages of Masonry Construction featured image (2).jpg

Building with materials like bricks, stone, and concrete blocks has some significant advantages. In today’s blog, we will be going over the general advantages of masonry construction, and then move on to focus on the advantages of each of the following...

Creating a Landscape That Looks Great Year-Round Part II Season-By-Season featured image.jpg

In our previous post, we discussed ways of thinking about and looking at your landscape to help transform it into a place that is interesting and engaging all year long. If you haven’t read that one yet, we strongly encourage you to go back to it first to get a broader-picture perspective of why...


Each season brings with it its own unique type of beauty. Regardless of the time of year, you want your landscape to look gorgeous, interesting, and welcoming. The team at Anderson Landscape Construction in Sterling has the experience to make your garden look marvelous all year...

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In collaboration with project managers, architects, and crews, Anderson Landscape Construction in Sterling can transform your property into an outstanding living space, enhancing the beauty, comfort, and value of your property. If you want help implementing a landscape design idea — either one...


With July 2021 recording record rainfall amounts already, it is high time the rains dissipate and we return to normal summer climes, don't you agree?

Most of us have not had to deal wit additional summer watering, but our gardens are turning "yellow" due to the high natural water content....


With the season in full swing, now is not too late to discuss your individualized all season program with our horticulture preservation team.

We offer fine gardening concierge care as well as landscape design and plant installation services. Contact us at 978 422 6500 or on our website at...