Estate Care

Estate Care

Estate-Style Landscape Maintenance Services In New England

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  • Save time

  • Make your property look wonderful

  • Save money on personal equipment and other expenses

  • Professional service

  • Benefit from commercial-grade landscaping equipment

  • Design assistance

We offer regular, customized service to meet your landscape’s needs! Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation has the credentials and experience to make your outdoor living environment healthy and amazing. We offer regular estate care as well as landscape remodeling and renovation. We particularly specialize in legacy landscaping — creating and maintaining landscapes designed to last long into the future.

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  • Our clients understand that investing in a beautiful, functional, and totally unique outdoor living environment requires long-term care to keep it in excellent condition. When you partner with Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation in New England for estate care services, you can rest easy knowing that your property is receiving the highest quality, estate-style care to ensure that your trees, plants, lawn, hardscape, and all other aspects of your landscape will thrive. If you would like to make your landscape look vibrant and healthy (and keep it that way in the long term), contact Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation today! We offer free landscape site analysis as well, so no need to commit anything until you know for sure that our professional horticultural practices are what you’re looking for. Get customized service from our team of expert project managers, horticulturists, soft scape specialists, and more to keep your unique property’s needs met year-round!

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The landscape estate care services offered include care such as:

  • Regular mowing

  • Edging

  • Aeration

  • Lawn care

  • Trimming

  • Weed prevention and control

  • Plant health care

  • Structural pruning

  • Soil treatment

  • Gardening services

  • Irrigation services

  • Bed planting

  • And More...


Your New Favorite View Is Waiting Just Outside Your Door

Are you tired of dealing with the headache of constantly having to maintain your property’s landscape? Despite all your hard work, is your estate still not looking as nice as you want it to? Forget the headache and hire a team of professionals to make your landscape thrive and flourish. Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation is an award-winning yard, lawn, and estate care company that has designed thousands of estates all around New England for more than 50 years. Free yourself from the hassle and challenges of taking care of your landscape all on your own. Contact us today to schedule a free property evaluation!

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Rid yourself from your concerns about the state of your property — with Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation, every aspect of your landscape is in good hands. Whether you need a single service or you want to hire us for an annual landscape program, our team of landscape experts are here to provide you with impeccable, professional estate care services.

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Fred Anderson began his career in the late 1970s, after having grown up on a rural family farm. His passion for the natural world is the cornerstone of his company today and is evident in every detail of his fine craft. Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation has achieved a level of recognition that can only be achieved through passion, diligence, education, constant curiosity, and a lifetime of tireless production.

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Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation offers more than just estate care services. We also offer installation and design services. We can install stonework, conduct comprehensive tree and plant care, design and build your landscape from the ground up, and more! We are committed to helping transform your outdoor environment into a worry-free space you just can’t be in enough! A worry-free yard is just a phone call away! All services offered by Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation are guaranteed to be delivered on a regular schedule by courteous, professional landscapers, focused 100% on providing you with the highest quality estate care available in the New England area.

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Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation provides New England estates with luxury landscape design, construction, and maintenance services. We take your vision and make it a reality. If you would like to learn more or discuss your project with a member of our team, reach out to us today!

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