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Landscape design is an important aspect of creating a visually appealing and functional outdoor space. A key element that plays a crucial role in the success of any landscape design project is collaboration referring to the process of working together with our clients to achieve a common goal – a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Here are four ways in which collaboration impacts your experience in landscape design as an Anderson...


We are on the home stretch to a complex project in Duxbury that we started last year! This project is at an Art Museum and involved many moving parts artfully designed by G2 Collaborative Landscape Architecture. The scope of work involved demolition, site work excavation, preparation, earthworks, paving, curbs, walls & steps, custom bridge installation, plantings, lighting and lawn installation.

This project exemplifies our...


With the official arrival of the summer solstice and the remerging post pandemic, what better time than now to enjoy your outdoor spaces with Family and Friends?

Let us work with you in creating or updating your outdoor space to enclaves of recreation where you can enjoy quality time in an oasis of tranquility, beauty and reflection. Contact us at 978 422 6500 or on our website at to capture the moment of the season.


To all the Father's out there, a very Happy Father's Day greeting and the arrival of the summer solstice from all of our team at Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation.

While this is a busy time of the season for us, we pause to recognize and give thanks to the amazing sacrifices you Dad's make in enriching our lives with an appreciation for all things good and a heart with empathy for those less...


Leave it to our horticulture professionals to create innovative plantings in the most unlikely of places!

This beautiful outcrop of rocks in a suburban coastal Boston enclave is the home to wonderful flora that envelopes with a pallet of color, texture and seasonality.

Contact us to explore innovative planting ideas for your property in places you could not imagine and expand your outdoor vistas beyond the conventional to the...


Seating areas often serve divergent needs and purposes. They must be designed with a view to sizing them appropriately with individuals who will be using them. Some are intended where people and groups cluster, others for no more than a few users.

There is no more magical seating area than around the magnetic power of fire. When the hot summer air is cooler when the sun goes down, people love to look at a fire and take in its mesmeric...


With the arrival of summer weather, it's time to sit in your backyard with friends and family and rejoice the summer season in a safer post pandemic era!

Our talented team of construction artisans and horticulture professionals have worked tirelessly this year to create beautiful outdoor environments that connect homeowners to nature.

Why wait for your outdoor expansion project? Contact us at 978 422 6500 or on our website at...


With an intelligently designed and installed outdoor lighting plan, Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation can transform and enhance your use and enjoyment into the night hours, adding drama, functionality as well as safety.

There are a number of options available to illuminate your outdoor environment. Depending on your goals and objectives, different techniques can be employed as well as specialized fixtures...


Memorial day is so much more than a day for backyard BBQ's and shopping for bargains!

Memorial Day is a day to mourn and honor the memory of men and woman who died while serving in the United States military services. It's a day of reflection, remembrance and grief for many veterans and families of service men and woman who died to ensure our freedom.

While we are duty bound to honor these brave men and woman, Memorial Day can...

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With the pending arrival of Memorial Day and the official start of the summer season, now is the perfect time to face the season with renewed optimism.

The Pandemic is receding, things are beginning to open up and we are ready to embrace the season with all it has to offer. Let our construction and horticulture preservation team refresh and renew your outdoor environment with that special feature for you and your Family to enjoy this...

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We are so lucky to have such an accomplished team of horticulture professionals on staff at Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation.

On Friday last week we completed work at site location in Cambridge and are delighted to showcase our work product at this location.

We offer fine gardening concierge care, year-long individualized all season programs, landscape design and plant installations. For all your...

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Balance is a state of equilibrium or equipoise, an equal distribution of weight.

In the world we live in today, trying to find equal distribution of activities that are sustainable is almost impossible.

Harmony is a consistent, orderly or pleasing arrangement of parts.

In our approach to expanding our clients outdoor environment, we strive to achieve harmony between all of your daily and work activities and create an oasis...

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One of the most difficult discussions that we need to have with prospective/actual clients revolves around the budget and matching it with the scope of the proposed work comprising the totality of the project.

At Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation we engage in this conversation early on in the process and set realistic expectations. We outline material choices with size and complexity always mindful of...

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With each passing day and the rapidly approaching summer season, believe it or not, now is the time to start planning your 2022 outdoor expansion project featuring a pool and spa as the centerpiece. Yes, this is not a typo. With COVID-19 and the pent up demand for spending time with family and friends in the safety of your home, most pool installation companies are booking projects for next year now!

It is not too late to start the...


Have you ever thought about expanding your outdoor environment? Where to start and what will you end up with. These are the type of complex issues our highly skilled team members deal with on a daily basis at Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation. We analyze, understand needs and then come up with a practical set of solutions that we then implement.

Careful listening to what you are trying to accomplish,...


Remember when an outdoor kitchen consisted of a grill, lighter fluid and a bag of charcoal? Times have certainly changed and today's outdoor kitchens are planned and designed with the same precision and detail as the indoor kitchens in your home.

Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation serves the greater Boston area specializing in extending outdoor environments. Many of our projects incorporate outdoor kitchens as...


May you enjoy the beauty of Spring as you celebrate Easter.

From our house to your home, Blessed Easter and a safe year ahead!


At Anderson Landscape Construction & Horticulture Preservation we plan, design and implement your perfect outdoor environment. It will become apparent that all the logistics have been thought out and incorporated into your project. Traffic flow, children, pets and how your landscape will mature over time are all considered. We build a landscape that fits not just your property, but yours and your families personalities. You will notice...


How do you blend the two competing interests of mother nature with an understanding of human nature in the landscape industry?

Typically, an understanding of the site you are working with will be a sound starting place and lead the way. No matter the size or the conditions, let it dictate the way to move forward. Then, you blend the human interests of the client with the site conditions exploring the possibilities. As this organic...


Not everything has to be revealed when initially entering a property and there should be a mystery when approaching and upon entering and then moving through the landscape. Creating a sense of drama is exciting for people initially coming into the property and reveals itself in stages and phases. One view follows another, each different from the one before. Often unexpected changes in the vista bring an unanticipated sense of pride and...

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No one will dispute that outdoor construction is a messy business, no matter how proactive and careful you are. Planning for the unexpected, being able to rationally deal with issues and move the project along are all things we deal with on a daily basis as project implementation professionals.

At Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation we have you covered! Our dedicated professional project manager oversees all...

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When we analyze a client outdoor project at Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation, we always examine environmentally sound options.

When designing the landscape components to the expanded outdoor environment, we always think about sustainability that is responsive and regenerative while actively contributing to the development of healthy communities. By so doing, we can help sequester carbon, increase energy...

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Have you ever had an idea in your mind but were unsure how to see it to reality? This is often the case when clients consult with us about expanding their outdoor environments. A tree here, perhaps a walkway there, pool or not? These are a set of complex factors that require a serious analytical review of multiple factors- the architecture of the home, its topographic land characteristics and the personality of the home's inhabitants, their...


It has been said that you earn trust not only through your instincts and thoughts, but with your deeds and actions. At Anderson Landscape Construction and Horticulture Preservation we carefully consider the topic under consideration and render an opinion with our prospective client that is fact and evidence based. By doing so, we expose ourselves to truth and honesty in all our interactions with our clients. This impartiality is at the heart...

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You cannot teach individuals to have passion. However, you can hire a team of professionals who have passion emblazoned in their DNA and you can witness it firsthand in our work product. We push ideas to new levels and then bring them back to ground. Balancing innovation, practicality with budget and at all times employing artisans and materials of the very best caliber and quality.

This collaboration with all team members and the...


At Anderson Landscape Design and Horticulture Preservation our goal is to provide extended living space for expanded living. Planning and designing your outdoor expansion project deserves the attention of our talented in house team of professionals. A brilliant outdoor plan must be more than beauty. If it is not functional, if it does not marry form with function, beauty with ease of use, it will fail.

An end result that captures that...


The devil is in the detail- no more so when it comes to the implementation phase of your project. We create outdoor expansion projects for our clients that marry form with function with a time line and budget line that are agreed to when we initially meet with you to discuss your ideas.

Our professional project managers are on site effectively running your project and have the resources to ensure that what we have created and...

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At Anderson Horticulture Preservation, we can help you create your own individual landscape palette with expert advise and supervision by one of our talented horticulture team members. This process is much like an artist creating a painting, starting with a blank slate, working with a selection of paints and other media resulting in a masterpiece that incorporates a complex palette of texture, color and seasonality. The end result is a unique...


Why not expand your outdoor environment and create the ultimate entertaining space?

Anderson Landscape Construction is your single source destination for planning and building your ideal creative and functional entertaining space under the sun and stars. Our professional team will create and implement stunning outdoor living spaces with pools and spas, kitchen islands, fireplaces and fire pits, all complimented with beautiful seasonal...

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We can create the outdoor expansion experience for your home that will be the envy of your Friends, Family and Neighbors.

We specialize in designing, creating and implementing your dream outdoor oasis that connects you and your loved ones and friends to nature.

Contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation to find out how we can create the garden of your dreams that you can love, not only on Valentines Day, but for the...


A healthy life outdoors expands your recreation, relaxation and well being. At Anderson Landscape Construction we inspire and nurture this human element connecting you to your outdoor spaces through thoughtful designs crafting responsible hardscapes and landscapes for a sustainable future.